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I decided to go personal shopping because I didn’t know how to choose the clothes that would suit me. Because I’m not usually happy with my purchases and on Sunday I gave away a few items of clothing that I’d worn less than five times! And I wanted a change! I wanted clothes that would fit me and make me feel good.

What I liked most about personal shooping was that I didn’t have to look and choose what I liked. I liked the fact that I was just standing in the changing room trying on clothes and that I got an immediate feedback on what was ok and what was not. I loved the fact that I actually completely overhauled my entire wardrobe in two hours.

I haven’t quite got used to the change yet, but I like it. Although I don’t have the “balls” for some of the clothes yet… Duška, thank you for your time and for turning a terribly busy day, when I was about to go home, for the better. And I also know that if I had gone home on Friday, I would still be an ugly duckling today!

If I ever need anything quick, for an hour, can I call you?

I decided to get style advice because I haven’t put much emphasis on my outward appearance in the past few years. But then, as well as working on myself, I started to look a bit “outwards” and realised that I often didn’t know what to wear, what colour to choose. I found out about the style consultancy and was a bit sceptical about it at first, expecting a complete makeover that would not take into account my character and lifestyle. But I was more than surprised at the consultation itself. In a positive sense.

Ga. Duška surprised me with her holistic view of human beings. It takes into account the personality of the individual, the work they do and the whole person.

Through the counselling, I got a holistic view on how to dress, make-up, hairstyle. In short, a rough guideline for the external layout.

I also liked very much the continued willingness of Mrs. Duške for specific shopping advice. You could really feel her total dedication to her work, her professional but warm attitude towards her clients, and above all, her awareness of the need to work on herself internally, in addition to a tidy exterior.

I have been happily recommending Tai Morei to all my friends who want to change their appearance (whether it’s a big change or just a small one).

The style makeover has boosted my confidence a lot, because it was quite low before. I loved seeing myself in my new look, professionally made-up and with a polished style.

Before, I didn’t pay attention to the colours I chose and I didn’t know exactly what clothes fitted my body. Now that I have this knowledge, it’s easier for me to buy new clothes and I feel better when I wear them.I think every girl should try it, because confidence is very important at this stage of growing up.

I decided to get style advice because I never knew what “suited” me and what didn’t. I learnt a lot of new things, what to wear and what not to wear, what colours suit me, what cuts, what hairstyle…

I have already recommended it to a friend who will be happy to attend.

Best regards,

I decided to get style advice because I needed it a few years ago, but didn’t have the time. Women my age are very time-crunched – work, family, housework… We often run out of time for ourselves.

I agreed a “full package” with Tae Morei.

Since I work in a managerial position, I wanted to perfect my business look, but also learn some tricks to cover up certain parts I’m not happy with, how to put on make-up to look fresh, check my wardrobe, etc…

I think women work for someone all our lives, and when we get older we regret not having taken a little more time for ourselves.

So I put an end to it and it feels phenomenal ! I feel like I count 25 again!

I decided to get style advice for a simple reason – I wanted a change. I wanted to hear something new, something simple, and that’s what I got. We do not yet know how simple it all is.

Colours alone change your overall personal style, not to mention the right hairstyle and clothes. The right cut of trousers, the right length of cardigan, sweater, neckline, all these are little things that once you hear them, once you know them, once you stick to them, you become a different person. It’s all so very simple, so feel free to try.

In 1 hour of conversation you will hear a lot of nice, new things and then you will shine, 100 %

Courage is valid!

I was just thinking about a wardrobe overhaul, but I felt insecure about buying new clothes that were appropriate, because I used to dress more sporty, and now I wanted a look that was a bit more seductive, but still suitable for everyday activities.

I called the contact number and Duško and I arranged for her to accompany me shopping, where she advised me on the best clothes for my body shape and make-up artist Mirela gave me some make-up tips.

When I was invited to the studio to shoot the video, I felt like a star! Unforgettable!

My friend went first and was very impressed, and I wanted to change too. What colours to wear, what dresses, what trousers, how to combine… I received this advice, but also some confirmation for just wearing the current pieces. I liked the fact that you don’t have to change your whole wardrobe now, but that you use the right combination of existing clothes.

Thank you.

I decided to get style advice because I am changing my personal and business life and I want to change the way I dress.

I learned to use colours and bolder combinations.

I have also recommended the style advice to my friends because it has been very useful for me personally and I believe it would be for them too.

Since I had lost a lot of weight (for health reasons) and my outfit was not in line with how I was feeling, I signed up for a style consultancy to give me some ideas on how to cover up my (too) bony body.In one hour of the consultancy, I learned a lot of things that were very important to me: colours, patterns, designs, length of dresses, hairstyle, hair colour, make-up innovations, etc.

I like this year’s fashion colours and patterns the most, as they are quite colourful on me. This year I’m feeling very lively, so I’m enjoying the colours and flowers…

The style advice helped me to combine my figure with fashion trends and colours. As I am not that up-to-date myself, the help of an adviser was very valuable. Above all, I would never have thought about what cut and length of clothes would be best for my body. After the first style consultation, I started looking for different combinations of colours and cuts of clothes, shoes and bags in the shops than I had been looking for before. I’m most happy because I feel really good in the “new” colours and designs and I have to admit that the people around me notice and praise it too :)))


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