Duška grahovAc

Self-confidence expert

“Appearance plays an important role in first impressions. It is often the deciding factor that determines whether we get the job of our dreams, impress our crush or make a lasting impression on our listeners. We all want to look in the mirror and be impressed by what we see, but most of us find it hard to find time for ourselves in our busy schedules. So we neglect ourselves and forget what it means to love ourselves. Self-love is reflected in our overall well-being and is our guiding principle in all situations in life.”

About me

I’m Duška Grahovac, founder of Tae Morei, with extensive experience in combining eye-catching visuals with the business world. Since 2002 I have been working with various companies, where I take care of the visual image of the employees, the visual image of the marketing material, but most of the time I devote to my first love-style makeovers. By founding the Tae Morei Academy, I want to fulfil my mission in life, which is to help others to see their true beauty and live the fulfilled joyful life we all need – both in business and personal life.

Tae Morei – New Life

The Tae Morei is a spiritual symbol representing resurrection or new life. It revives our abilities, emotions and capacities in a new life. It helps anyone who needs new guidance.

Tae Morei was founded to help people who want to change their lives and their appearance. We want to show you that this change is something positive, exciting, different, something that will boost your self-confidence and change the way you see yourself.

We place special emphasis on self-development, because external beauty is best radiated from a stable, strong and positive inner self. Our entire offer is tailored to each individual customer, because that’s the only way to get the best value from our service. It’s still your appearance that makes the first impression, which sometimes determines whether you get a job, whether a crush notices you, whether you impress and impress the crowd and whether you are remembered.

The first step is to decide that you deserve better and that it is not a sin to put yourself (ever) first. Leave the rest to us.

Let me help you