Style makeovers for women

Not convinced by your style choices? Take a look at our style makeovers, then read more about the perfect style makeover!


What will we do?

At the appointed time, you will enter through the main entrance of PS Diamant and immediately on your left you will see our Tae Morei studio. First it’s coffee time, and in a few minutes it’s time to get started. You meet Duška, she is the one you will hang out with the most and she is the one who will change you completely. We start with a style consultation, where Duška asks you about your clothes, lifestyle, challenges and wishes for a makeover. We’ll also give you suggestions on how to combine colours, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what your new hairstyle should look like, how you’ll be made up. It is very important to let go and enjoy your day. Then we go to the photo studio across the hall, take your photo “before” so we can see if there’s any difference a couple of hours later. At the same time, we’ll try out the new stylings that Duška has prepared for you. They may look a bit strange to you, you may not be used to them, you may wonder what they’ll look like… but as I said – we’re putting your new look together like a mosaic, piece by piece, so relaxation and confidence in our work is key. In the end, you’ll end up “kicking ass” with excitement anyway. The difference is that we know before you arrive, but you don’t.

Now it’s for real

Instead of styling your outfits, you can go shopping for clothes to renew your wardrobe. Even the worst shopping haters are delighted, because shopping with a stylist is a blessing. You don’t have to do anything other than try on what we bring you in the dressing room.

Time is running out and we have a hairdresser’s appointment! She will turn Duška’s suggestions into reality with her magic paintbrush and scissors. It’s been about 3 or 4 hours since you arrived and you’re already different… when you leave the hairdresser, you feel that your look will never be the same.

Now it’s for real! Make-up… colours, contours, eyelashes and gloss on the face rejuvenate every woman for at least 10 years. In the make-up room, your new image is being drawn… You put on your first styling and look in the mirror… “I CAN’T BELIEVE, THIS IS NOT ME!”…the most frequently uttered phrase in our premises  ..Yes…it is you…you’ve always been like this, you just don’t see it yourself.

Every woman can be a real beauty, she just has to let herself be.

Finally, what better way to capture all that beauty, enthusiasm, energy and smiles than through a photo lens. The photographer will take you to the photo studio. Yes, we know you don’t like having your picture taken… you told us that when you arrived!

Something has changed

But now something has changed. You’re no longer embarrassed… and even when you look in the mirror, you want some flash on you. “Why not, I look great”, you say. Take some photos with Nike that will stay with you for a long time and remind you again and again that it’s possible.

Change is possible. For the better. Always. You just have to want it enough to motivate yourself, choose your package, book your appointment and step out of the old shadow of dissatisfaction.

If you are tempted, you can find the full offer here.

Maybe I’ll see you there!


Gallery of our transformations

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