Are you short of ideas on how to organise team building in your company in a way that is fun, interesting and useful at the same time?

THE MOST WANTED BUSINESS GIFT OF THE YEAR 2023! – Business style makover.

Do you want your employees to be happier, more organised and more confident in their workplace?

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11+ years of experience


6000+ customers


A personal approach

Who are we?

We are Tae Morei, a fashion styling company that has been styling for over a decade, and in that time we have put a smile on the faces of thousands of women and men with our sophisticated styles.

We believe that with a few fashion tricks, everyone can feel confident and ambitious in their own skin and help improve their work performance.


We can help:

  • in designing the visual image of employees
  • style advice for business purposes
  • creating business photos
  • training in business style and personal image (trade fairs, seminars),…
  • learning how to apply make-up for everyday and business make-up
  • at team team buildings on personal style and visual identity
  • corporate gifts (gift vouchers for style advice, make-up, photography, fashion makeovers)

Make your employees’ visual image a reflection of your company’s values, vision and mission.


We provide several services to companies. Most commonly:

Style advice for men and women

First, we determine the body shape of each individual and review the dress code for that body type. The focus is on practical examples, composite combinations, where participants imagine as clearly as possible how they need to arrange themselves.

For sales-oriented companies, we make examples of styling and colour combinations for different occasions: public presentations, sales interviews, field work, closing sales, etc.

Style advice also includes determining the appropriate hairstyle: suggestions are made on the best colour and hairstyle (for both men and women).

Regular price for style consultation: €95/person
Quantity discount for 5 or more people.

Shopping with a stylist

We can go shopping with your employees. If several people are attending at the same time, styling is arranged for them in advance in a specific shop (usually BTC, price range negotiable). Alternatively, shopping can be done on an individual basis and a schedule is set up to determine the time of day at which people are booked.Shopping is done for a maximum of 4 hours per day, per person.

Regular price: 1 hour 75€/person
Quantity discount for 5 or more people.

Other services:



Wardrobe makeover

Wardrobe checks are carried out at the client’s home or brought to our studio. The stylist looks through all the clothes, eliminates what is no longer useful and makes suitable combinations from existing clothes. The customer writes down a list of the items to be purchased. Footwear and accessories are also checked. The whole check takes approx. 3 hours.

Regular price: 369€/person
Quantity discount for 5 or more people.

We suggest that you design your own package based on the descriptions and prices given. select services.
All services are also available as a gift voucher.
If necessary, we can also create a “Custom” offer for various events, hosting, team building, etc.


My experience of working with companies varies widely. Every company has “custom made” packages, so it’s hard to give you a range.
We work with sales companies and style their team of sales reps (field and office work), we educate teachers in private kindergartens (how to dress comfortably, relaxed, but still neat and varied, where the line is between professional and casual styling, and how to combine them), we have worked with companies that need classic business styling but don’t want an overly formal look due to the diversity in years, and various smaller companies ( conceptual design and colour palette to match the brand colour), accounting services, team building hosting.
And we have many businessmen and businesswomen who need styling for both personal and business purposes.

If you wish, we can send you a reference list of our business partners.

Want a personalised offer?

Contact us and we will be happy to try to meet your requirements.